Yetric Metrics

Measure. Analyze. Act. Grow. Iterate.

Building and growing your online products is all about knowing your numbers and data and working on stuff that matters. How do you acquire valuable leads to your product? How do you make sure that you have taught them all they need to know about your product when onboarding new users? How do you keep your customers engaged in your product and how do you retain customers that for some reason have stopped using your product.

Yetric helps you and your team become data-driven and more itarative in your efforts in order to be able to know where to put down your efforts and get most bang-for-the-buck. For us growth is the main thing, and we think you grow your business by knowing what your user wants and what turns them off.


By using Yetric's Product Portfolio you will get tools that focus on making your acquisition funnel even more efficient than it is today. You do not want to pay expensive ad fees without knowing how efficient your acquisition channel is. We take care of that for you, so you can focus on making your business even better for your customers.


One of the most daunting tasks of any product is to show the customer what it has to offer before he/she gets bored and leave. Yetric enables a better plan and tools for onboarding your valuable leads. It doesn't matter how cool feature you have if you can't teach your users how to use them and where to find them.


Ok, you have created a ton of cool features for your product. Which one is just for show and which one does actually drive engagement and earnings. By knowing what features drives most engagement you will have knowledge about your product, making it easier to focus and prioritize your ongoing efforts tuning your products into efficient money machines.


A lot of companies only focus on acquisition, which can be quite expensive, new customers cost more than retaining already existing ones that have stopped using your products. We offer you the tools that helps you engage and retain your churned customers.